It's in our cereals, soaps, toys, crayons, kazoos, birthday cards, balloons, flashlights, and more.

Just Ask Curious Karin,

The Science Lady!

Offering On-Site Programs at Preschools, Child Care Centers and Kindergarten Enrichment Programs Throughout Morris County & Parts of Essex County, New Jersey

and Video Lessons ... VIRTUALLY EVERYWHERE!

Although COVID-19 restrictions are keeping Curious Karin from teaching inside of schools at the moment, she is available for virtual lessons (pre-recorded) and is paying attention to the CDC and State Guidelines on when it is safe to schedule on-site lessons. Please add your e-mail address here to be notified once on-site lessons begin!

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Curious Karin,

The Science Lady's


Science is all around us, just take a look and see! As a preschool science teacher, with over 20 years of classroom experience, I provide fun, educational, engaging lessons to children in the comfort and safety of their classroom or home “laboratories!”


Each lesson begins with my science song, which is a fan favorite. Then, with my trusty puppet sidekick, Archie Atom, we embark on a science expedition. In each lesson, we explore a new science subject, from the traditional to the innovative. We may examine nutrition, animal behavior, or look for the science in nursery rhymes, in cereal, or even in a bar of soap! On each adventure, we may read books, conduct experiments, listen to music, or play games. We always use our science “tool belts,” ask thinking questions, find answers, and take bows for doing out best.


"There are no seven wonders of the world in the eyes of a child. There are seven million."

-Walt Streightiff

The Science Lady offers pre-recorded virtual science lessons for young children ages 3-6.

Science activities nurture your child's natural sense of adventure, curiosity, and understanding of the world.

Each lesson is developed to ignite and capture children's imaginations. We sing, we read, and we do experiments with Curious Karin's puppet sidekick, Archie Atom.

Topics range from the science of toys, to camouflage, to magnets, to playgrounds, and more!


Join The Science Lady and Archie Atom as they prove that science is even in nursery rhymes.