Curious Karin's Science Corner

My students use their science tool belts (senses) to learn about the world around them.  I wear a rainbow lab coat and have a puppet sidekick named Archie Atom.  We begin with our special science song before transitioning into our lesson or experiment. At the end of each lesson, we sing our song again and I tell the little scientists , "Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!"


A Little Bit About Curious Karin, The Science Lady

Ever since I can remember, I've been asking the question, why? I recall asking my mother why chocolate milk did not come from brown cows. My mother turned this into a teachable moment. She took out cocoa powder and milk and that afternoon, I learned all about chocolate milk!

This lesson, and others just like it, nourished my mind and ignited my desire to teach. For over 20 years, I have taught preschool. I designed and implemented a science curriculum, kindergarten enrichment literacy program, and educational professional development workshops. I am also a freelance story lady, where my mission is to “bring new life to shelf life!”

As a mother, teacher, and a story and science lady, I never tire of children asking, “why?” Rather, I applaud their innate curiosity and I help them find answers.

What Makes Up Curious Karin,

The Science Lady?

Always asks why

Totally commits to finding answers

Observes and appreciates things, big and small

Makes it her mission to bring creativity, knowledge, and science FUN to young children

Sees science everywhere!

A Little Bit About Archie Atom

Archie has been a lover of all things science since he received his first chemistry set when he was just seven years old! He has conducted numerous experiments in his home laboratory and enjoys helping Curious Karin, The Science Lady discover that science is everywhere.


When he is not in the laboratory, he likes to use homemade invisible ink to write letters to his pen pal, Molly Molecule. His motto is: even small people can make things that really matter!